Blockchain-Based Digital Asset Commerce Payment Eco-System


CRYPTOKKI Platform is a decentralized commerce payment platform that provides a variety of payment methods from simple payment methods such as card or cash to online and platform companies’ methods (card, QR code gift certificate, mobile phone micropayment, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, etc.) for commerce payment using blockchain technology.

Payment ecosystem bridge platform for all virtual currencies

"Real Economy Interlocking Blockchain "CRYPTOKKI ECO-System"

- 5% of the payment amount is provided as a reward when paying directly affiliated stores
- If not a directly affiliated store, able to pay with Samsung Pay (no reward)
- Staking rewards are paid to CRYPTOKKI holders using the revenue from the payment solution business, still in progress - Convertible to legal currency points for commerce payment
- CRYPTOKKI recovered when converted to points has a high long-term scarcity value as it is automatically incinerated
- Promote user participation and provide rewards by providing participatory AR O2O service to attract customers to offline small business affiliates
- Provide DeFi service for small business (fixed sales-based loan service)


CRYPTOKKI App to App Payment System

CRYPTOKKI App to App Payment System

CRYPTOKKI Payment System Structure

CRYPTOKKI Payment System Structure


CRYPTOKKI Blockchain Platform System Structure

CRYPTOKKI Blockchain Platform




Token Distribution

  • Operating 10%

    10% of the total issuance is deposited as a fee for recalculating the affiliate’s payment.

  • Reserve 90%

    As a reserve, it will be used according to future ecosystem expansion (global).

token graph


Platform KLAY
TYPE KIP7 (Klaytn)
Symbol TOKKI
Total Issuance 500,000,000
Function Incineration, all/individual lock-up, lock-up release, whitelist
Contract 0x6a6184283af9f62da739f8b309c5fca61e2f1400

Token Distribution Status(Share) and Lock-up Conditions

Division Share ratio Lock-up conditions
Sale 6.0% 2022년01월부터 퍼브릭세일
Development 2.0% 2023년01월부터 0.05%씩 락업해제
Operation 10.0% 2023년01월부터 0.05%씩 락업해제
Marketing 6.0% 2023년01월부터 0.05%씩 락업해제
Ecosystem 60.0% 2023년01월부터 0.05%씩 락업해제
Team 1.0% 2023년01월부터 0.05%씩 락업해제
Reserve 15.0% 2023년01월부터 0.05%씩 락업해제
  • 토큰 소각 로드맵

    소각일 소각 대상 코인 소각개수 소각율 소각 후 발행량 비고
    2022년12월 재단의 매입or보관 100,000,000 20% 400,000,000 프로젝트내용에 따라 변경될 수 있음
    2023년12월 재단의 매입or보관 100,000,000 25% 300,000,000 프로젝트내용에 따라 변경될 수 있음
    2024년12월 재단의 매입or보관 100,000,000 33% 200,000,000 프로젝트내용에 따라 변경될 수 있음

Team & Advisor


  • La Won Young CEO

  • Jo Hyun-woo CTO
    CEO of Cube

  • Sung Won Sang CSO
    CRYPTOKKI Technical Director

  • Choi Yong-geun
    CRYPTOKKI Payment Department Manager

  • Kim Myung-cheol CCO
    CRYPTOKKI Public Relations Manager

  • Kang Mi-young
    Customer Management Manage
    CRYPTOKKI CS Center Director

  • Joo Seul-gi
    APP Designer


  • Kim Heung-guk Advisor
    Public Relations

  • Jeong Il-kwon Advisor
    CEO of ENTERPAY Co., Ltd.

  • Yang Ki-seon Advisor
    CEO of CHECKPAY1S Co., Ltd.

  • Lee Jae-sung Advisor
    CEO of PAYTOSS Co., Ltd.

  • Kim Chan-ho Advisor
    CEO of AllThatPlatform Co., Ltd.

  • Shim Seung Advisor
    CEO of JPOS Co., Ltd.

  • Shim Jong-seok Advisor
    CEO of AMISPAY Co., Ltd.

  • Shin Jong-hoon Advisor
    CEO of EGGPAY Co., Ltd.



Road Map

  • 2020. Q1

    - Blockchain-based payment system vitamin system development

    - Outsourcing development contract with Cube Co., Ltd., Payment System Back Office

    - Payment application vitamin wallet, vitamin force development

    - Payment interworking development with payment company KSNET VAN

  • 2020. Q2

    - Payment interworking development shuttle bank PG with payment companies

    - Contract with Hello Funding Co., Ltd., collateralized loan for merchant receivables

    - Payment application Egg Wallet V, Egg Force V development

    - Payment application Check1S Wallet, Check1S Force development

  • 2020. Q3

    - Android payment terminal EGG10.1 development and mass production

  • 2020. Q4

    - Android payment terminal EGG6.0 development and mass production

  • 2021. Q1

    - Freelance payment application freelance wallet, freelance force development

  • 2021. Q2

    - Android payment terminal VITA7.0 development and mass production

  • 2021. Q3

    - Launch of Vitamin Pay for small business payment terminal business

    - Crypto platform electronic wallet Cryptokki development

    - Patent application for electronic wallet settlement of card payment amoun

  • 2021. Q4

    - 5,000 subscribers to the payment application wallet

    - Blockchain-based payment system Vitamin System 2.0 update

    - Signed up to 3,000 merchants for payment application small business subscribers

    - Listed on Digifinex Exchange